Sailboat Struck by Lightning in the Virgin Islands

Voyager Maritime Alliance Group (VMAG) Provides Complete Electronics Refit

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Oct. 10, 2019 - PRLog -- There are some things you just can't plan for and a bolt of lightning in the Virgin Islands, directly on the masthead at anchor was a classic untimely event that could not have been prevented.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but as for the 44ft sailboat…unfortunately all the electronics had to be replaced.  Who else to go to in circumstances like this, but VMAG!

Once the boat returned to Fort Lauderdale, VMAG went on board to conduct a survey. Although there were no signs of a fire or through-hull burns, the electronics equipment was completely fried, and everything needed to be replaced.

David Leone, President of VMAG, commented, "Evidence from the inspection showed that the bolt of lightning struck through all the equipment, as opposed to just an "RF Pulse".  This meant that we had to remove every cable from the previous equipment out and put in a totally new set of cables to support the new equipment".

VMAG discussed with the owner the various equipment options and once a decision was made, a detailed plan of action was formalized, together with CAD drawings showing the cable infrastructure.  The first line item was to remove all the cables associated with the old equipment, and then engineers re-cabled the yacht with the latest category 6 wires for the new navigation and communications equipment.  Once the cables were in place, the new equipment displays and components into the console were mounted.

To provide the very best in quality, efficiency and reliability for the new audio system, an upgraded VHF Antenna wire was mounted with a low-loss grade wire along the length of the mast top.

David Leone commented, "With all our new refits that encompass communications and navigation, we customize the installation to make sure that the skipper has maximum control at the helm.  This entails total systems integration and provides not only greater safety, but efficiency too".

The next stage in this process was to power-on and make sure that the equipment was working as per its correct operation.   VMAG considers testing extremely important and each feature of all the products installed undergoes a rigorous quality control.  Finally,  we spent time with the owner going through each piece of equipment and explained the new features and best methods of operation.

Another successful refit that ran on time and on budget.  Thinking about upgrading your marine electronics equipment, please contact us today at 954-463-5910 or email

For More Technical Information:
David Leone, President
Voyager Maritime Alliance Group
Tel:   954-463-5910

David Leone

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