SeboCalm Announces Its Best Face Wash For Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

Jan 27, 2020

January 28, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - In 1990, two pharmacists who jointly owned a drugstore realized that the products available at that time did not fully address the needs of their customers. In response to this, they began to develop their own products that would hopefully live up to the requirements that their customers were demanding. Their cooperative effort led to the formation of SeboCalm.

After years of research, SeboCalm is pleased to announce that the company has now formulated what it considers to be its best face wash for sensitive acne prone skin to date. The face wash is hypoallergenic and has a unique plant-based formula that includes chamomile, seaweed, cornmeal, and coconut. It is 100% vegan and not only is it cruelty-free but sulfate and paraben-free in addition. The company’s face wash is designed to be suitable for both oily and dry skins or a combination of both.

“We had hundreds of discussions with our customers and it was obvious that what they wanted was a product made from quality ingredients that not only did the job they were asking of it but didn’t cost a small fortune. People told us what they liked and didn’t like about various products on the market and we tried literally hundreds of different combinations before arriving at what we think is the perfect balance of effectiveness, quality ingredients, and price. It was an instant success and we have now made it available to customers in the United States,” said Susan R., a spokesperson for SeboCalm.

It can be a challenge for any product to address acne or similar skin conditions and not cause dryness or facial irritation. Typically, today’s face washes are very gentle and although they can be beneficial in cleansing the face, they do not prevent or treat the acne itself. Acne preparations that are deemed to be more effective in treating the problem can end up drying the skin unacceptably or causing various degrees of irritation. SeboCalm’s new face wash was designed with the intention of countering these issues.

The pharmacists behind SeboCalm did not stop with just the face wash, however. They continued to develop other products and to test them, and they finally created a face toner for sensitive oily skin that complemented the face wash. Ultimately, they went on to develop a range of products that were designed to be used in a similar complementary manner so as to maximize the combined cumulative effect. For example, the face toner includes cucumber and aloe which is intended to increase the effectiveness of the chamomile contained in the face wash.

Tayla C., an enthusiastic user of SeboCalm’s face wash for sensitive skin said, “I have acne and that causes my pores to enlarge and develop lots of blackheads. It’s unsightly and I hate anyone seeing me like that. I tried the facewash and it seemed to help reduce the number of outbreaks I had and even the pore size seemed to decrease a little. Overall, I think it has made my skin healthier and without making it dry as a desert. I also like that it smells nice and clean and not like flowers or perfume.”

Rounding out its line of products for sensitive, acne-prone skin is SeboCalm’s hydrating moisturizer for sensitive skin which is both hypoallergenic and mattifying. Both of those attributes are very important for people with acne-prone skin as it is obviously unattractive to have skin with a greasy appearance. Designed to be both lightweight and fast-absorbing, this product too proved to be popular shortly after being made available to customers. As with the face toner, the moisturizer is intended to complement the ingredients contained in the products used before it in order to add to the effectiveness of the regimen.

The company’s products have been very successful internationally and thanks to that success the range has now been brought to the United States and is being offered through Amazon.


For more information about SeboCalm, contact the company here:

30 Hacharoshet Street
Or Yehuda

ReleaseID: 60033675


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